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Gardening your Mind with Ancient Indian Wisdom - Part1

Gardening your Mind with Ancient Indian Wisdom - Part1

Gardening the Mind -Part 1 includes 'Removing the Weeds' from the Garden(Mind). We may meet many people, Experience different situations in our day-day life. We never realise that few incidents and people settle in our mind unconsciously and create an impact.

There are 6 such basic Weeds that easily develop in our Mind, as per Ancient Indian Wisdom. These Weeds may look very Simple and would also give a feel - 'Are they really significant, I don't think so?'.

But, listen to them deep and try comparing your own life with these Weeds - Incidents & Emotions in Your past and present!


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Learn Vedic Astrology and Basic Predictions

Have you ever analysed why certain things happen in your life ?

Did you wonder why you like some people or specific things in your life?

Do you want to know why you react in some way , though you are not happy at it ?

Explore the secrets - Learn the basics of Astrology and do a basic Prediction of your natal chart or horoscope chart!

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Learn Vedic Astrology and Basic Predictions - Part 2

Have you seriously thought - When can I start new venture, Can I take risks, Will I ever be successful, Will my sorrows ever come to end? Why are my efforts not being fruitful? 

You are at the right place : Learn to interpret your auspicious and inauspicious time period in life through Planetary Dasas and Transit. Make best use of it to achieve your goals!

Do you want to analyze your love personality and learn to interpret with whom you will be very compatible in love and feel comfortable at home?

Do you wish to know how the planetary positions in your Horoscope can help you analyze and interpret about your siblings/mother/father/wealth/communication?

When a planet loses its strength, it doesn't mean it is not going to give you any benefits! It can be the most beneficial planet for you, in some way. How?

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